Links for Series One...

Dr. Patrick Dixon: : Global Change, the global forecasting website hosted by Dr Patrick Dixon. : The Acet International Alliance re. HIV and AIDS.

Dr. Tony Campolo: : Podcasts, books, other material by Dr Campolo, plus the work of EAPE, the Evangelical Alliance for the Promotion of Education. : Eastern University, Philadelphia USA, home to the Campolo College of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Dr. Tom Sine: : Mustard Seed Associates, headed by Dr. Tom and Christine Sine.

Steve Chalke, MBE: : The global coalition, headed by Steve Chalke, which works to help stop people trafficking. : Schools, health, learning and much more. A global organisation founded by Steve Chalke. : A movement of individuals, churches and organisations serving the needs of local communities. Founded by Steve Chalke.

Harvey Thomas, CBE: : the site outlining the global business and PR consultancy work of Harvey Thomas. : the Fellowship of European Broadcasters, lobbying governments for Christian broadcasters, headed by Harvey Thomas.

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